Benefits of Infused Water Bottle

Benefits of Infused Water Bottle

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Infused Water Bottle

I’ve constantly fought with consuming the proper quantity of water. Nevertheless, a couple of years back a buddy of mine stopped by my office and offered me a bag full of amazing all-natural herbs from her garden; including mint. The friend bragged about how adding mint to her drinking water increased her water consumption day-to-day … I attempted it, and I like it! I infuse my water with lemons, berries, and mints.

Based on Dr. Robert Parker, BS, DC (Parker Wellness Options), “there are three fundamental components needed for our bodies to maintain life. In order of necessity, there is oxygen, water, and nourishment from food or atmosphere. Proper hydration is important for preserving well-being on a cellular level. Every cell in the body is reliant on water for proper function.” The USDA clarifies that “whether intoxicated from the tap or a bottle or eaten in foods, water has significant health benefits. Inadequate eating can result in muscle spasm, renal dysfunction, increased danger of bladder cancer, and sometimes even passing”. Drinking water infused with herbs or fruit is a delicious and bright solution to hydrate and cleanse without becoming overloaded with calories and sugar.

There are a number of health benefits of infused water including heartburn prevention, hydration, immune defense, hunger control, blood sugar regulation and weight management. My absolute favorite infused water contains lime, mint and Green Tea. This blend is a wonderful breath freshener and has helped to sooth my headaches. It boosts your immune system, also helps your digestive system and supports fat burning.

The Infused Water Bottle and Its Benefits

Do you want to reduce sugar filled beverages you have, or to restrict the amount of fizzy drinks? Try fruit infused water by preparing it with the infused water bottle, it’s an excellent choice! The procedure is simple, clear-cut and could be readily prepared. Above all, it’s a choice that is incredibly healthful.

Produce your personalized drink that is flavored with fresh, natural ingredients with the infused water bottle! Quality reusable Tumbler with comfy single hand access. Fill the removable twist lock infuser basket with mint leaves, lemons, limes, orange pieces, strawberries, tea bags and much more! You are restricted only to your imagination.

I’ve found that when you use an Infused Water Bottle by Young and More with all the fruit in the top consistent results are obtained by lightly shaking the bottle during use. It’s the agitation.

Its Benefits and Features

WATER INFUSER- Only adds flavors and fruits. This infused vapid water immediately turns into flavorful development!

Simple – to-USE- All from the topmost spout to the detachable water infuser cage to the sieve make this infused water bottle exceptionally successful and user-friendly!

CREATE DELICIOUS, HEALTHY DRINKS- Only fill this infused water bottle with liquid after which adds a different flavor source or fruit, shakes well and drink! You will adore the flavor and you’ll adore adding fruit to water, and all the possible health benefits to come!


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