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  • OPI Nail Envy Basecoat
  • Sally Hansen Wet Cement
  • Sally Hansen White On
  • 10 Pieces of Cut Out Newspaper
  • 70% Rubbing Alcohol
  • Seche Vite Topcoat
  • Toothpick
  • Sephora Corrector Pen


You can use any color (light color as much as possible or you can just improvise your nail polish and make the color one or two shade lighter depending on our taste and style) and brand you want as long as you’re happy and satisfied!


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First apply a basecoat of your choice and paint your nail one coat of a really light color.

n10 n11 n12If you nails are already dry, get a small cup of 70% Rubbing Alcohol. Dip your nail in it for  5 to 10 seconds.

n13Get the cut newspaper and rub the printed side for about 20 second.

n14If you think it’s already enough, peel it carefully.


If there are still ink left around your nail. Grab a polish remover or a polish remover pen  and clean it right away.


For the finishing touch just apply your favorite topcoat. Let it dry for a moment and your done!

n18Hope you enjoyed this post and love this design!

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Tried all the products in every brand that you see in the mall or advertisements to moisturize your skin? Been wanting to maintain a silky-soft skin and loose a big amount of money. Yet, the results are still the same? Here are 5 Essential tricks for Silky-Soft Skin. Super simple and will just take few minutes of your time.



Hot water actually drys your skin.




Put lotion on your hands and…


You can also make your own mask if you don’t own one. Just follow this easy steps.








So Tadddda~! You already have your own hand and feet mask. Enjoy it everynight.


Some people just focus on their whole hand and forget to take care of cuticle. That’s why sometimes there are skin that is sticking out. So always carry a cuticle oil and pamper it.



Give moisture in your room, it will help is nourishing your hand and skin, while you’re sleeping. Plus you don’t need to do anything!

But the most important thing to do, Drink plenty of water. It’s cheap and very natural.



The more you drink water, the more hydrated your skin is!

d21That’s it. Say hello to a healthier and happier skin! Ciao!

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Makeup Brushes With Brush Holder

So here you are searching for information about the essential makeup brushes that will help you achieve your makeup goals. Well, you landed on the right article. There’s no need to be daunted. We have just the sort of information you need to help you on your way. You have a few drugstore brushes, but now you’re about to upgrade by replacing them with quality brushes that will help you achieve the professional look. The following information will help you gain an insight into whether or not you’re making the right selection, and prevent you from giving up on a few low quality brushes, only to replace them with brand new low quality ones.

To make this information more relatable, we will share the review of at least one customer and what they had to say about the 5-piece makeup brushes with brush holder from Keshima, a top Amazon seller and fast growing favorite brand for many women.

Importance of Having Good Basic Makeup Brushes

There’s no disputing the need for at least a little skill and precision when applying makeup, but even the most skilled makeup artist is useless without the appropriate tools. Many will admit that they are nothing without the tools of their trade, and they do spend quality time ensuring that they find the right quality brushes to add to their makeup kit. This is a clear indication that a makeup brush is not just a makeup brush. The type and quality of the brushes you choose will make a big difference to the final outcome. The right brushes will help to bring out the artist that is within you. With the five essential brushes from Keshima, you can nail that professional look you have been admiring.

Keshima’s 5-Piece Makeup Brushes With Brush Holder

The makeup brush set from Keshima contains 5 essential makeup brushes with brush holder that will allow the artist to create the desired look. They are the Keshima angled blush brush, eyeshadow brush, blending brush, powder brush, and eyeliner brush. Some people end up purchasing a set of makeup brushes that contains many pieces, but become confused as to what each is to be used for, and eventually never use many of them. Now that’s a waste! With the basic five piece set from Keshima, you get five pieces that will help you achieve any look you desire. It is very unlikely any piece will go unused.

The brushes are designed from only the best high quality materials that are carefully chosen, and they are subjected to rigorous quality control standards before they are approved for use by the public.  Keshima’s 5-piece makeup brushes are packaged in a beautiful, stylish, durable holder that is easy to clean and doubles as storage for the brushes when they’re not being used. This is ideal for keeping the brushes organized whether you’re at home or traveling.

After purchasing and using her brushes, Paula Downie left the following review, “All I can say is “WOW!!!” What a great foundation brush!!! I usually struggle getting my mineral foundation to buff in and blend so I usually do not use it. Today I took a chance with it and OMG!!! I finally know what it’s like to have an airbrushed look!! This brush barely used any of my product, so that in itself is a win/win situation for my wallet. I will absolutely purchase any and all of Keshima brushes in the future.”

Keshima is presently offering their brush set as a holiday special edition. Many customers are taking advantage of this special to either get themselves some well-deserved new brushes, upgrade from poor quality makeup brushes or purchase the set as a gift.

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Anti Wrinkle Face Cream

Like any cosmetic product, anti wrinkle face cream is made by dozens of companies like Obizza Beauty. An even larger number of firms market such products. If you visit any online store, you would be flooded with scores of different names, some of which are known and some of which are unknown. You will certainly want to buy the best anti-wrinkle face cream and to do that, you need some awareness of such creams and the methods to choose the best.

How do you compare anti wrinkle face cream from Obizza Beauty with another? First, you will want to compare the brand names. But should you do that without delving into the background of the brand? Companies become brands when they spend a lot on advertising and marketing. It is not always by the virtue of their products. Had that been the case then Toyota wouldn’t have to recall thousands of its vehicles and millions of Apple products wouldn’t have been panned by the users and critics for unforgivable mistakes. What you need is an effective anti-wrinkle face cream and the only way you can choose the best is by considering what the product does and what it is made of.

Always begin with the ingredients of an anti wrinkle face cream. The ingredients are what do the magic on your skin, not the brand name and certainly not the color or design of the bottle. You will notice that many companies don’t have a very long list of ingredients mentioned, either on the pack or anywhere else for informative purposes. Obizza is one company that mentions all its ingredients in the Anti Aging Serum. When you get a list of all the ingredients or nutrients, you can know the benefits of each of them and then assure yourself of the effectiveness of the product. There are many companies that will mention only one or two ingredients. An anti wrinkle face cream certainly cannot be comprised of two ingredients.

Once you know what an anti wrinkle face cream contains, you should consider customer reviews of the product. Don’t just trust the advertising campaigns or claims. Most claims are based on controlled studies or some samples that are unique or ideal. Claims do not have universality. But a consensus amongst consumers is certainly worth trusting for any type of product, more so for an anti wrinkle face cream, because it is only judged by its effect and not by any other attribute.

Media Contact:

Kinjal P.


About the company:

Obizza Beauty Anti-Aging Serum Moisturizer with Matrixyl® 3000 comes in a 30ml airless pump. The product is manufactured in the U.S.A. in a state-of-the-art, FDA approved facility under Good Manufacturing Practices. Each purchase will be backed by a money-back guarantee.



12502 Grand Elm Street,
Clarksburg, MD 20871
Phone Number:


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Facial Clay

A visit to the spa can leave you feeling brand new. It can also leave a huge dent in your pocket. Many manufactures have sought to make products that will help people experience that spa-like treatment in the comfort of their home, and for far less than a visit to the spa would cost. The truth is that many of these spa in a bottle products are highly priced and ineffective, so you have to be choosy.

Many people have the habit of throwing away their money on expensive products that bear a notable brand name, but does nothing notable for their skin. Why spend even a small fortune on a product that actually tortures your skin rather than help it, or even on a product that does help, but is costly, when there is one you can get for far less that is just as highly effective? We will use this article to focus on facial clay mask and highlight just how affordable facial care is, once you choose wisely.

Is Expensive Skin Care Worth the Money?

A common complaint among people everywhere is that skin care is expensive, but is it really? The problem for many is that they try to model what they see in advertisements, and try to adopt a skin care regime that is akin to that of celebrities. They fail to realize that they can achieve the same for far less. Skin care is expensive, but it is also very affordable. It all depends on where you chose to look, the products you chose to use, and the lifestyle you try to maintain.

Affordable, all-natural, deep cleansing, anti-aging and great for all skin types are all attributes of a quality facial clay mask. Certainly the proof comes from eating the pudding or in this case using the clay mask, but finding a clay mask with those qualities is a good start to finding yourself in a spa in a bottle.

Customer reviews is the best guide for identifying high quality products. is a fantastic online shopping platform for finding a variety of products, and for getting the scoop from other customers on a facial clay mask before purchasing.

The facial clay mask from Oshi Glows is a top selling product in Amazon’s beauty department, and a true spa in a bottle. According to the product write up, it is good for all skin types and contains healing clays that , “have two purposes – to draw out toxins, oils and other debris while supplying rejuvenating mineral nutrients for skin that looks fresher and younger!” The healing clays mentioned are Sodium Bentonite, Calcium Bentonite and Purified Smectite (Montmorillonite Bentonite).

One satisfied customer, Andrew Reid, expressed his satisfaction with the clay mask, “I have psoriasis and I heard that clay masks would help to clean my skin and remove toxins. I’ve used this for 2 weeks now and have noticed notable improvements. I’m very happy with my purchase.” This and other customer reviews prove that you do not need expensive facial clay masks or other beauty products or even an expensive spa treatment to maintain a healthy skin.

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Organic Shea Butter

There is no dearth of cosmetic products in the market today. There are scores of brands and hundreds of products for every type of skin and for every part of the body. There are cosmetics made entirely of chemicals and synthetically processed ingredients. There are herbal cosmetics which also use some artificial additives and there are completely organic solutions. Unrefined shea butter organic from Skin Ritual is one of the finest, completely natural, skin care solution. In most cases, cosmetic products are pitched as something specific, which could be moisturizer, sunscreen, for the treatment of dark spots or acne, among others. Organic Shea Butter from Skin Ritual is a product that has a multitude of benefits for your skin.

  • It is a natural skin moisturizer.

Shea butter is an amazing moisturizer for the entire body! It has natural ingredients that helps the skin to produce the right amount of moisture that it needs. The unrefined organic shea butter also gives a better result than the processed, refined shea butter. Skin Ritual’s Orgnic Shea Butter is not processed. This moisturizer does not go through any refining processing, so there is no chemical additives included. You get a completely natural solution with no risk of side effects.

What’s even better is that this is a natural moisturizer that suits all skin types – dry, oily, sensitive, and so on. It does not matter what time of the year it is or what type of skin you have. This skin moisturizer can be used all year long regardless of how old or young you are.

  • It leaves the skin looking vibrant and youthful.

Unrefined shea butter organic has active properties that helps to maintain healthy skin. These properties help to retain moisture in the skin while at the same time not clogging the pores on the skin, allowing it freedom to breathe. Unlike many moisturizers on the market, shea butter does not leave a greasy residue that clogs the pore and cause other conditions and infections to develop in the skin. The natural nutrients in organic shea butter removes fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and tanned spots on the skin.

This natural moisturizerfacilitatescollagen synthesis, increasing the elasticity of the skin. This process helps to remove wrinkle lines, sagging skin and crow’s feet.If you desire youthful, glowingskin, thisnatural moisturizeris a definite solution.

  • It heals and protects the skin

Organic shea butter can be used asa treatment for scars, bruises and minor burns. With its anti-inflammatory properties, it can also help to relieve muscle and joint pains. There is a substance called cinnamic aid found in shea butter that helps to heal sunburned skin. Plus, it can be used as a mild sunscreenas well, to prevent sunburns. It also helps to eliminate any grayish tone and dullness of the skin, leaving an even-toned skin.

Applying this directly to the skin helps to remove rough spots and acne scars, leaving the skin looking and feeling smooth. If you have recently lost weight or just had a baby you might see horrid stretch marks on your skin. Organic unrefined shea butter can remove these over time and restore the skin to an even tone. In addition, if you have dry or cracked heels it can help to soften the skin.

Apply organic shea butter from Skin Ritual just once a day before going to bed can certainly take care of most skin problems that you are usually worried about. It leaves your skin looking young, smooth and vibrant without posing any health risks. Unrefined shea butter organic has the ability to attend to every part of your body, from your face to the bottom of your feet. In other words, unrefined organic shea butter is a holistic skin care solution that takes care of everything that makes the skin unattractive.

To get the best skin care shea butter that there is, always consider the best that is out there. Again, the Unrefined Organic made available online via Amazon by Skin Rituals is one of the most reliable organic skin care products that can suit all skin types and most skin care needs.