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Jump Rope

Jumping rope workout is an easy, inexpensive way to target a wide range of muscles. Both the upper and lower body are engaged when one performs a jump rope routine. Jumping rope not only boost your cardiovascular health but can also affect bone strength, agility, coordination and overall endurance. You do not have to be a child or top athlete to benefit from a jump rope workout, it is a great way to start any daily workout or it can be done by itself.

Lower-body Muscles

Approximately all your leg muscles are worked out when you use a jump rope. Everything is involved when you jump rope, from your calves to hamstrings to tensor muscles in your thighs, they are all used to jump and land when you perform a jump rope routine. Apart from your legs muscles, the core muscles in your abs are also engaged, especially during variations that require extra balance.

Upper-body Muscles

When you swing a jump rope the muscles in both your shoulders and arms are called into action along with the wrist and hands. Hence your entire upper body gets worked out as well. Back and chest muscles are also worked out and of course since jumping rope is an aerobic exercise, the cardiovascular system is worked out as well as heart and breathing rates increase.

Athletic Benefit

Because of the all-round muscle workout, jumping rope workout provides, many athletes benefit from jumping rope. Although used mainly by boxers and to extent basketball player every athlete can benefit from a jump rope workout. Athletes who use repetitive shoulder motions, such as volley ball players, softball and baseball pitchers can benefit from using weighted jump ropes athletes who play racket sports such as tennis also benefit from jumping rope as it strengthens grip and the muscles around the elbows and wrist. For athletes who are rehabilitating from injuries, jump rope is beneficial. It is a lower impact activity that still promotes the strengthening of muscles and ligaments.

Maximizing your jump rope routine

To get the best out of your jump rope you can use other tricks than just the standard two-foot hop. After a while add more difficult moves, such as integrating a high step run or moving your landing position from left to right. You can also increase the speed of each revolution of the rope to further maximize your workout.

Additionally you can use a weighted jump rope from FitSkuad to amp the intensity of your workout. Weighted jump ropes are used to build endurance in shoulder and back muscles.

If you are not used to jumping rope, after the first day you may experience sore, especially in your legs. This happens because your muscles have been working hard enough to cause microtears. These microtears will eventually heal themselves in a few days and your muscles will become stronger, larger and more toned.

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Microfiber Travel Towel

Most of us are used to cotton towels. We stack up on these towels and store them for our guests, but we didn’t have any better. But, with the invention of Bodi microfiber travel towel you will realise how inconvenient these regular towels have been all this time. The true purpose of a towel is to dry a surface or area completely. Have you realized how much effort it takes to dry yourself, or a wet surface with your regular towels? And to add to that, do you see how heavy it gets when it is completely soaked?

In these modern times, you should not be struggling with simple things like these, especially with the availability of microfiber towels on the market. The Bodi Microfiber Towel is a much more efficient bath towel than the regular cotton towels.

Are you one guilty of wasting your money on cotton towels? Well, here is why you should really consider getting those out and investing in Bodi’s microfiber towels.

Microfiber is durable and strong. The microfiber towels last four times longer than regular cotton towels. Cotton towels are usually thicker fabrics than microfiber towels. However, microfiber towels are much more durable. Bodi’s microfiber towel is carefully made with quality synthetic fibers that remain intact even after being washed and reused over and over. This is because the small fibers are tightly woven together. The high quality material used to make this specific towel speaks to its strength, even if it washed daily.

Microfiber towels are super absorbent. Cotton towels absorb water up to two times their water weight. Microfiber towels are so absorbent that they can absorb oil! Bodi’s microfiber towel can absorb up to 9 times its weight with liquid. Microfiber in these towels are so tightly woven together that they help to repel water. So, you can use this towel to dry your hair and your entire body after a long, relaxing shower. Yes, you need not worry about your hair frizzing when you use Bodi’s Microfiber Towel. The close-knit fibers help to keep your hair intact.

Microfiber materials are smooth and silky. Cotton towels are usually coarse and scratchy. Even with more washing, cotton towels rarely get softer. In fact, they thread and become super annoying. The Bodi Microfiber Towel is almost as smooth as silk. The fibers are so closely woven together that they have a smooth and comfortable touch to the skin. Of course, if you have delicate or sensitive skin a microfiber towel is better for you.

Additionally, Bodi’s microfiber towels are made with anti-bacterial material, protecting you from getting infections or rashes. This makes it great for your babies and the elderly, whose skin tend to be much more sensitive than adults’.

Microfiber is an insulator of heat. Have you ever tried to stay warm with a regular cotton towel? I’m sure it didn’t really help.

Microfiber towels are much easier to use than cotton. They are also much more economical because they last much longer. The microfiber towel by Bodi comes with a handy breathable carriage bag that makes it easy to travel with. Can you get this kind of luxury with a regular cotton towel? I don’t think so! You need to get rid of them all!

Ok, maybe you don’t have to throw out your towels. But, you can replace them with Bodi’s more efficient microfiber travel towels for daily use. You can add them to your collection, and you will find that you won’t have to replace your towels too often.

Bodi Towel is offering all new customers $5 off their purchase of microfiber travel towel with coupon code BODITOWL by visiting the link below.

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Exercise Bands Resistance

If you’re looking for a great way to lose weight and build muscle tone, you might consider a good set of exercise bands resistance from Cayman Fitness. These are compact and lightweight so they’re good for smaller spaces, and they’re also safer to use than free weights. They’re also very good for those just starting out with a resistance routine, as they’re less likely to cause injury or overexertion.

When you start shopping for these you may notice that they usually come in a set with other accessories and may wonder what’s the best choice for your own personal use. You don’t want to overpay for pieces you don’t need in such a set but it’s good to consider the accessories that will make your workouts easier and more effective. Consider these pointers when you’re in the market for a good set of exercise bands.

Accessories to Look For

You may not need every accessory you find in every set of bands, but it’s good to ensure you have a door anchor and ankle straps. A door anchor will ensure your bands stay in place when you want to use them to exercise your legs or just one arm at a time. Ankle straps allow you to work out your legs and not just your arms. These are very good accessories to look for when you choose a set of bands and they can make your bands more effective for you, giving you a better workout overall.

It can also be good to choose a set that comes with a booklet of instructions or some type of download that tells you how to use them. It’s easy to think you can just buy the bands and start pulling and stretching, but understanding how they work can also mean a much more effective workout overall.

The Bands Themselves

When you choose exercise bands you also want to look at the bands themselves. You should invest in a set that offers a variety of resistance levels so you can get a complete workout. You’ll need more resistance for your legs since the muscles of your legs are larger and usually stronger. You’ll also need more resistance as you get stronger in order to keep challenging yourself. When you look for a good set of bands note the variety of resistance levels they offer.

Note too the material used to make the bands. Neoprene is very comfortable and will not chafe or cause bruises from the resistance. It’s also good to ensure they’re BPA free. This is a very dangerous chemical that causes pollution when it breaks down in landfills which can be toxic to humans. Double layers of soft latex are also good for strength and comfort.

Be sure you take your time when looking at exercise bands resistance for yourself and note these important points. Remember that they can help you to lose weight and get toned but only if you choose a quality set that will be comfortable and that will last.

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Glass Water Bottle With Straw

A glass water bottle with straw is on any given day, a better alternative to plastic bottles or any other materials for that matter. A glass water bottle with straw is a convenient portable fluid container that you can carry anywhere. You can simply open the spout and drink whenever you want without spilling even a drop of the water on your clothes and avert causing a wet floor. Glass is a safe material that does not present many challenges during the cleaning process.

All glass water bottles are not created equal. You need to assess the quality of a glass water bottle with straw before making a purchase. Here are a few tips for assessing the quality of a glass water bottle with straw.

  • First – You should pick a safe glass water bottle with straw. Glass is environmentally friendly and reusable, but some glass water bottles do have some plastic components. Avoid choosing glass that is mixed with plastic, because plastic contains BPA which is a toxic synthetic compound.
  • Second – You must assess the quality of the glass. Is it fragile glass that may break even if you place it gently on the tabletop? If you are a cycler or biker, runner or a hiker, you would want to feel confident that your glass water bottle with straw will not break at the slightest of impacts anywhere. Strength, durability, sturdiness, along with ease of use and care are major factors to consider when selecting a glass water bottle with straw. Irrespective of how cheap or how elegant a bottle is, its lifespan will determine if it was a worthwhile investment.
  • Third – You should consider the cleaning aspects of the glass container. Glass water bottles are usually easy to clean. Since glass is not akin to develop sediments of stains, and there is little chance of it acquiring an odor, cleaning is a very simple exercise. In spite of this, not everyone can manage to clean the glass water bottle with straw manually. No problem! You can slide it into the dishwasher. The glass water bottle with straw you select should be dishwasher friendly, something like the Exhilarate Glass Co water bottles specialize in.

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Infused Water Bottle

I’ve constantly fought with consuming the proper quantity of water. Nevertheless, a couple of years back a buddy of mine stopped by my office and offered me a bag full of amazing all-natural herbs from her garden; including mint. The friend bragged about how adding mint to her drinking water increased her water consumption day-to-day … I attempted it, and I like it! I infuse my water with lemons, berries, and mints.

Based on Dr. Robert Parker, BS, DC (Parker Wellness Options), “there are three fundamental components needed for our bodies to maintain life. In order of necessity, there is oxygen, water, and nourishment from food or atmosphere. Proper hydration is important for preserving well-being on a cellular level. Every cell in the body is reliant on water for proper function.” The USDA clarifies that “whether intoxicated from the tap or a bottle or eaten in foods, water has significant health benefits. Inadequate eating can result in muscle spasm, renal dysfunction, increased danger of bladder cancer, and sometimes even passing”. Drinking water infused with herbs or fruit is a delicious and bright solution to hydrate and cleanse without becoming overloaded with calories and sugar.

There are a number of health benefits of infused water including heartburn prevention, hydration, immune defense, hunger control, blood sugar regulation and weight management. My absolute favorite infused water contains lime, mint and Green Tea. This blend is a wonderful breath freshener and has helped to sooth my headaches. It boosts your immune system, also helps your digestive system and supports fat burning.

The Infused Water Bottle and Its Benefits

Do you want to reduce sugar filled beverages you have, or to restrict the amount of fizzy drinks? Try fruit infused water by preparing it with the infused water bottle, it’s an excellent choice! The procedure is simple, clear-cut and could be readily prepared. Above all, it’s a choice that is incredibly healthful.

Produce your personalized drink that is flavored with fresh, natural ingredients with the infused water bottle! Quality reusable Tumbler with comfy single hand access. Fill the removable twist lock infuser basket with mint leaves, lemons, limes, orange pieces, strawberries, tea bags and much more! You are restricted only to your imagination.

I’ve found that when you use an Infused Water Bottle by Young and More with all the fruit in the top consistent results are obtained by lightly shaking the bottle during use. It’s the agitation.

Its Benefits and Features

WATER INFUSER- Only adds flavors and fruits. This infused vapid water immediately turns into flavorful development!

Simple – to-USE- All from the topmost spout to the detachable water infuser cage to the sieve make this infused water bottle exceptionally successful and user-friendly!

CREATE DELICIOUS, HEALTHY DRINKS- Only fill this infused water bottle with liquid after which adds a different flavor source or fruit, shakes well and drink! You will adore the flavor and you’ll adore adding fruit to water, and all the possible health benefits to come!

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Water Bottle Gym

Most people know that when you do any form of exercise, hydration is very important. It is a very valuable part of the overall process of keeping fit and healthy, and therefore health professionals advise that you do so both during and after you’ve completed your daily physical activity. You may know how important it is to hydrate deeply but you may have often overlooked one important aspect of it. Even if you treat rehydration as a focal point of your daily activity, you may overlook the safety of your hydration vessel – a chemical free container.

Many people are meticulous about rehydrating their body, but fail to do so correctly because they – possibly unknowingly – sacrifice the quality of their water to save a few dollars. They often use unsafe containers, such as the single use but widely used plastic bottles, because they are cheap and convenient. What most people chose to overlook, is that while they are able to save money from buying such a product, they are sacrificing their health to this “bargain”.

Can you imagine introducing harmful chemicals into your body after exercise? You are actually doing just that when you store your water in, and drink from cheap plastic bottles especially if these single use bottles are refilled or if they are exposed to the hot sun. Many of these bottles can still contain BPA, and other harmful chemicals. These potentially toxic materials are a threat to your health. In order to solve this ongoing problem, Futurepace Tech developed water bottle gym as the safest means of storing water and other drinks. This is in line with the company’s vision of changing the environmental landscape of the humble water bottle.

Many people are endangering their health because they continue to trust the products being sold on the mass market. Most are not aware of the practice of mass producers of water bottles, a practice that still involves the use of harmful chemicals to make the mass produced bottles available at a very cheap price. They are aware that for most people, saving a few dollars takes precedence over taking care not to place themselves in harms way.

To help these people make an informed choice, the leading seller of sports water bottles on have insisted that their products use only premium grade (FDA approved) food grade stainless steel inside and out. They are also able to offer their bottle at a reasonable price meaning you will save compared to the ongoing purchases of single use plastice bottles. The environment is also enhanced by not having waste plastic floating in the oceans. That means more people can now afford a water bottle gym, and enjoy the safest way to store their ‘hydration on the go’ fluids.

At the end of the day, you are in charge of your health. The decisions you make now will ultimately determine what happens in 10 or 20 years. Will the money you saved from buying cheap bottles be enough to cover the cost of complications associated with poor health due to toxins taking a toll in your body? When you invest in a quality item for your water storage, you invest in your health.