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Beauty Life Hacks

 Girls, your unresolved problems might have simple and easy solutions! We got you covered from dark eye circles, dark underarms, on-the-go eye shadow, quick nail polish design and more! Check out the following weird amazing beauty hacks now and try them for yourself. Enjoy!

1. Spread a small amount of red lipstick under your eyes and apply your concealer. Voila, bye bye dark circles!

Red lipstick for dark circles

2. Cotton ball fibers can help in adding volume in your eye lashes, making it longer and curler. Make sure to apply it alternately with your mascara.

eye mascara

3. If you’re on a rush, you can make an eye shadow a day before. Cut a foam sheet into an eye shape then apply some water to make it wet. Then apply the color of eye shadow where you want them to be on the foam sheet using a small brush. Let it dry and press it on your lids.


4. Avoid the pain when tweeze your eyebrow or mustache, what you should do is apply a baby teething gel and let it dry in a minute. Wipe it away then start tweezing and you won’t feel anything.

eyebrow tweezing

4. When you have problems when your lips is always dry or chapped even you’ve been drinking a lot of water. Use a green tea bag, wet it then squeeze any excess water then press it to your lips for 5 minutes.

tea bag for dry lips

5. Create your nail design using a sandwich bag.

nail art

6. White your underarm by rubbing a slice of potato.

potato whitens underarm

7. Make your bruise disappear! How? Use a cotton ball and put some mouthwash then apply to the area.


For step by step instructions, watch the video below.

Courtesy of RCLBEAUTY101