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What Jump Rope Workout Does for Your Muscles

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Jump Rope

Jumping rope workout is an easy, inexpensive way to target a wide range of muscles. Both the upper and lower body are engaged when one performs a jump rope routine. Jumping rope not only boost your cardiovascular health but can also affect bone strength, agility, coordination and overall endurance. You do not have to be a child or top athlete to benefit from a jump rope workout, it is a great way to start any daily workout or it can be done by itself.

Lower-body Muscles

Approximately all your leg muscles are worked out when you use a jump rope. Everything is involved when you jump rope, from your calves to hamstrings to tensor muscles in your thighs, they are all used to jump and land when you perform a jump rope routine. Apart from your legs muscles, the core muscles in your abs are also engaged, especially during variations that require extra balance.

Upper-body Muscles

When you swing a jump rope the muscles in both your shoulders and arms are called into action along with the wrist and hands. Hence your entire upper body gets worked out as well. Back and chest muscles are also worked out and of course since jumping rope is an aerobic exercise, the cardiovascular system is worked out as well as heart and breathing rates increase.

Athletic Benefit

Because of the all-round muscle workout, jumping rope workout provides, many athletes benefit from jumping rope. Although used mainly by boxers and to extent basketball player every athlete can benefit from a jump rope workout. Athletes who use repetitive shoulder motions, such as volley ball players, softball and baseball pitchers can benefit from using weighted jump ropes athletes who play racket sports such as tennis also benefit from jumping rope as it strengthens grip and the muscles around the elbows and wrist. For athletes who are rehabilitating from injuries, jump rope is beneficial. It is a lower impact activity that still promotes the strengthening of muscles and ligaments.

Maximizing your jump rope routine

To get the best out of your jump rope you can use other tricks than just the standard two-foot hop. After a while add more difficult moves, such as integrating a high step run or moving your landing position from left to right. You can also increase the speed of each revolution of the rope to further maximize your workout.

Additionally you can use a weighted jump rope from FitSkuadĀ to amp the intensity of your workout. Weighted jump ropes are used to build endurance in shoulder and back muscles.

If you are not used to jumping rope, after the first day you may experience sore, especially in your legs. This happens because your muscles have been working hard enough to cause microtears. These microtears will eventually heal themselves in a few days and your muscles will become stronger, larger and more toned.